Qualifying Dates, Venues and Qualified Riders

The drop down menu below lists those members who have attained a provisional qualifying place for each specific Second Round or National Championship. The list is updated on a daily basis to ensure that graded results appear as soon as they are available.

Qualifications will be listed as ‘confirmed’ once formal notification has been sent out.

For the full list of qualifying dates and venues please visit the Calendar via the link on the above drop-down menu.
For key Summer 2022 qualifying dates please click here.
For key Winter 2022/23 qualifying dates please click here.

British Horse Feeds Speedi-Beet Horse of the Year Show Grade C Championship
Rider Horse Status
Jessica Baugh PRINCESS BLUE Confirmed
Jessica Baugh QUALITY TJS Confirmed
Allana Clutterbuck KITTY III Confirmed
Simon Crippen ZEUS VALENCIE Confirmed
Mark Edwards ROYALE TALE Confirmed
Philippa Funnell TARZAN XII Confirmed
Ronnie Lee Jones INVICTUS 11 Confirmed
Ronnie Lee Jones JOPLIN I Confirmed
Charles Luyckx QUADDRO D S Confirmed
Rebecca Marsh STEVIE G Confirmed
Robert Murphy IMBEER Confirmed
Robert Murphy IMMORTALITY Confirmed
Nicole Pavitt JOHNSON II Confirmed
Paul Sims CAN BALLOON Q Confirmed
Robert Smith CASSAN II Confirmed
Faye Ella Sutton JOLITA L Confirmed
Angela Thompson KOKONUT VAN DE NETHE Z Confirmed
Helen Tredwell LUIKAN Confirmed
Joseph Trunkfield I LUNA L Confirmed
William Brannan Walker CORINO DU ROUET Confirmed
Ben Walker DON L C Confirmed
Ben Walker GRAVITY Confirmed
Abigal Kate Walters JACK DANIELS REUVEKAMPS Confirmed
Alice Pamela Charlotte Watson NANUCHKA VAN BERKENBROEK Z Confirmed