Last Updated: 15/02/2024
Any Horse receiving a new Primary Course as of 1 January 2024 must be vaccinated as follows: V1 (initial vaccination); V2 (second vaccination) must be administered 21-60 days after V1; and V3 (first booster) must be administered within 6 months and 21 days of V2

Scenario 1
If the horse received V1 in December 2023 and is due to receive V2 in January 2024 or later then V2 should be given between 21-92 days of V1.
Scenario 2  
The horse received V1 and V2 in 2023 and is due to receive V3 in January 2024 or later then V3 should be given within 6 months and 21 days V2 to comply with the new vaccination rules

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Last Updated: 22/12/2022
All ponies wishing to be entered and compete in any FEI competition must have an FEI height certificate. All approved FEI measuring sessions will be listed on the FEI website here
To book onto a session in the UK then please contact nationaltrainingcentre@britishshowjumping.co.uk
For more information and frequently asked questions on FEI Pony Measuring please visit the FEI Pony Measuring page on BEF website


Last updated: 09/09/2022
The FEI Board has approved a temporary exemption to the FEI Veterinary Regulations in response to the shortage of vaccines in Europe created by supply issues facing Boehringer Ingelheim, a key producer of equine influenza vaccinations.
At its meeting on Thursday, 8 September the FEI decided to extend the booster intervals from six to 12 months in combination with increased disease surveillance and a higher level of general biosecurity.
Currently, Article 1003 of the FEI Veterinary Regulations requires Equine Influenza boosters to be given in the six months (+21 days) leading up to a competition, but not within seven days of arrival at the Event.
With the worldwide temporary derogation approved by the FEI Board in effect from 1 October 2022 to 1 April 2023, horses will be eligible to compete at FEI Events with the most recent booster taken within a period of 12 months, but not within seven days of arrival at the Event. All other requirements of Article 1003 must be fulfilled during this period. Full report can be found here.

Further information on the shortage can be found here.


 Last updated: 31/08/2022
To protect FEI horses and equestrian sports from the consequences of infectious diseases being transmitted before, during and after FEI events, the FEI HorseApp is being rolled out Worldwide.  
As of 1st September 2022 Sanctions will apply for any non-compliance to fulfil the Horse Health Requirements via the FEI HorseApp at ALL FEI Events WORLDWIDE, including ALL UK Internationals. Previously the sanctions have only been enforced at FEI Events in Mainland Europe.
The sanctions have also recently been updated and can be found here or in Annex VI of the FEI 2022 Veterinary Regulations. All Sanctions are linked to the horse's profile and athletes can see the amount of violations each horse has had. Sanctions are reset a year after the first sanction was issued. 
ALL Horses competing at ALL FEI Events WORLDWIDE must fulfil the Horse Health Requirements via the FEI HorseApp (Art. 1029 and 1031 of the FEI 2022 Veterinary Regulations)
You must:

  • Take temperature readings for every Horse that will be present at an FEI Event twice daily (AM and PM) for the three days leading up to the arrival at an FEI Event

  • Fill in the Horse Health FEI Self-Certification Form for all Horses attending an FEI Event

  • Taking and entering of two daily temperature readings for each Horse whilst at an FEI Event


First time failure                Warning
Second failure                   Warning (was CHF 200)
Third failure                       CHF 200 (was CHF 300)
Fourth failure                     CHF 200 (was CHF 400 – horse not allowed on venue blocked for 1 month and
                                          unblocked if temps recorded for 10 days)
Fifth failure                        CHF300 – horse will be blocked 10 days following event – may be allowed to compete
Sixth Failure                      CHF 300 – horse may be allowed to compete but will be blocked for 10 days- may be
                                          allowed to compete
Seventh Failure                CHF 400 – horse may be allowed to compete – blocked for 1 month Athlete reported to
                                          FEI for further disciplinary action.


If travelling abroad please make yourself aware of the COVID-19 protocols for each country you are travelling to and through along with the specific protocols each show may have in place.  Advice for UK Nationals travelling abroad can be found on the UK Government website here https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice


An update on Brexit and what we know about travelling horses to Europe can be found at https://www.britishequestrian.org.uk/equine/transport/brexit