New Member Discounts

Extraordinary Offers for Pony Club / Riding Club Members!

These discounts are available to those that have never previously had a membership with British Showjumping or who's membership has lapsed for three years or more, that are members of either the Pony Club or Riding Club. 

A full list of our membership fees across all categories can be found here.

You can create and manage your membership account via our secure Members Online service. The service is linked directly to our main database which means any changes or transactions you make are automatically updated. To register or login to our secure Members Online service please click here.

Pony Club / Riding Club Pony Package 

1 Non Jumping Member
1 Junior Rider Member

1 Pony of any grade

1st year - £57.00
2nd year  - £69.00

Pony Club / Riding Club Junior Package 

1 Non Jumping Member
1 Junior Member

1 Grade C Horse

1st year - £106.00
2nd year - £122.00

Pony Club / Riding Club Associate Package 

1 Associate Member
1 Grade C Horse

1st year - £112.00
2nd year - £122.00


Pony Club / Riding Club Full Jumping Package 

1 Full Jumping Member
1 Grade C Horse

1st year - £140.00
2nd year - £140.00

Please note the above offers are only available to current members of Pony Club or British Riding Club that are new members or been expired longer than 3 years. (please send confirmation of your membership with application) 

Fees illustrated apply to all memberships/registrations processed electronically via 'Members Online'. 
Any memberships/registrations processed manually via the office will be subject to an additional £10 administration fee.