Guide to FEI & FAQs

Finding a Show

Where can I find the schedule?
Schedules can be found here: Simply search for the show, click the link and download the schedule (once available).

What do the different CSI codes mean?
CSI1*/CSI2*/CSI3*/CSI4*/CSI5* are the regular show sections, with the number showing the level of difficulty and prize money.
CSIAm are Amateur competitions. CSIAm-A is with prize money and CSIAm-B is without prize money.
CSIYH1*/CSIYH2* are young horse classes and are split by age (5yr olds, 6 yrs olds and 7, yr olds). Please check the schedule as not all shows run every age category.
CSIYH1* incl 8yo is same as above but includes 8 year olds.
CSIP is Ponies, CSICh is Children on Horses, CSIJ is Juniors and CSIY is Young Riders.
CSIV is Veterans.

FEI Registrations and Passports

What do I need to compete at an FEI Show?
To compete at an FEI show you will need authorisation from the BS Performance Department which will be given if you are competing nationally at the height you wish to compete in at the FEI competition, your membership is valid, and you are in good standing with the BS.
If competing at 2* and under in the UK, you will need an FEI UK Event Registration and a FEI Horse Registration.
If you are competing abroad, you need an FEI Full Rider Registration, an FEI Passport for your horse and an FEI Horse Registration.
All registrations, passports and any changes of ownership can be purchased via your British Showjumping Members Online account, under the international section.
Registrations last for the calendar year, expiring on 31st December and FEI Passports are valid for 4 years from the date of issue.

How do I register myself with the FEI?
Log in to your Members Online account and go to International->Passports and Registrations->Select your name->click Select and proceed to the form->select the correct Registration type and make payment. Please note we can only process British rider registrations. Members of other nationalities should contact their home National Federation.

How do I check to see if the horse or rider are already registered?
• For riders, please click here
• For horses, please click here
Orange icon = not registered. Green icon = registered.

How do I get an FEI Passport for my horse or renew (revalidate) an existing FEI passport?
• Log in to your Members Online account and go to International->Passports and Registrations->Select horse’s name (or “Another Horse” if not listed)->click Select->complete form and make payment. Then, please send in the horses national passport to the office. Normal turnaround time is 5 working days although express options are available at an additional cost.
Please note: if your FEI passport has expired at the time of competing you may be issued with a warning or a fine. You can find the expiry date for your FEI passports on either the front or if they have been revalidated on the back cover.
• Ownership in the National passport will need to be up to date and match the FEI and British Showjumping ownership. Please tick the “National Passport Ownership Change” box if this is required. We can process this in the office for a fee only if we are processing the or making changes to an FEI passport, with the exception of some Selle Francais passports or any passports that do not have an ownership page bound within it.
• The horse will also need a FEI Horse Registration if competing in the current calendar year.
• Before sending please check;

  • Vaccinations are FEI compliant from the start (21-92 days between the first and second, no more than 7 months between the second and the third and at least annual thereafter. Please note, passports can be issued following the first two vaccinations providing that the third vaccination is able to be administered within seven months of the horse having the second vaccination. More information can be found at
  • Diagram page MUST be completed, stamped and signed by a vet.

• The FEI Name must be the horses birth name/first passported name to be free of charge. Should you wish to register your horse with a name di?erent to that on the passport, a fee will apply. Please contact the Performance Dept to discuss.
• Please note that the horse’s British Showjumping registered name and the FEI name must match and the FEI registered name will take precedent over the British Showjumping name, which will be changed to match free of charge.

Do I need a FEI Passport for a UK FEI Show?
For FEI Events at 2* and under (including youth, amateurs and young horses) in the country of the horse’s residence (i.e UK), you can compete your horse on an FEI Registration only. To purchase the FEI Horse Registration go to International->Passports and Registrations->Select horse’s name (or “Another Horse” if not listed)->click Select->complete form and make payment. Then, please send scans/photos of the horse’s national passport to

Does the rider need to be FEI registered for a UK FEI Show?
If you are only planning to compete in an UK FEI show (2* and under) then you can compete on an FEI UK Events License, instead of the full annual license. If you go abroad or compete above 2* in the UK later in the year, you must call the Performance Department to upgrade to a full registration for the difference in price.


Making Entries

How do I make entries?
Please go to your Members Online account, go to International->Calendar and Entries->Find the show you wish to apply for->Click Apply and complete details. You should also contact the show as early as possible to express an interest (explain that you have made entries through your NF too). Contact details can be found in the schedule.
Alternatively, you can email us your entries to including the show name, section to be entered, rider name and horse name and FEI number.
Please ensure all rider and horse registrations are up to date and valid for the year.
UK Shows: Please ensure you contact the show centre as well as BS to make your entries, as some UK events take entries directly.
What are definite entries?
This is the date you should enter by to avoid a “late entry” which could reduce your chances of being accepted. Most importantly, withdrawals after definite entries date will incur a late withdrawal/no show charge, the cost of which is listed in the schedule.

Travel Arrangements

How do I arrange International Travel?
For advice on transport please contact one of the BEF approved shipping agents which can be found here:

Do I need insurance?
British Showjumping does not provide any insurance cover for international travel. Rider's are responsible for ensuring they have sufficient cover for their trip, including the relevant health insurance for sport.

What to Expect

What happens when I get to an FEI show?
1. Passport Checks
- Passports will be checked on arrival for identification and vaccinations, horses proceed to stabling or trot up (please note some shows may check passports at the trot up after arriving)
- Passports will be held by the show for the duration.
- Please refer to the show schedule for the time of opening of stables.
2. Trot up (also known as Horse Inspection)
-This will take place the day before jumping commences and consists of passport checks by an FEI Vet who will also assess the horse’s health and soundness.
- Horses must be presented in a snaffle or double bridle with all boots, bandages and rugs removed.
- Horses who do not show or do not pass the trot up will not be able to compete.
- Please check the schedule for the timings.
3. Declarations
- Refer to the schedule for declarations for each day.
- This is usually the afternoon before the competitions day.
- Please note you are able to move between tours/classes (with shows consent) within a level/star, but you are unable to move levels/stars once the show has started.
- For example, you could move from the gold tour to the silver tour within a 2* competition, but you are unable to move from 2* to 1*.

Team Competitions and Selection

Where can I find which competitions GBR will send a team to?
Please see the Selection Policies, Viewing Shows and Team Dates page of the website for information, including selection criteria and policies.

How do I apply for team selection?
If you are competing at the required heights for team competitions and meet the selection policy, please email with your name, horse’s name and the team competitions you would be interested in.