Para Equestrian League (Graded Competition)

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These leagues fall under the British Showjumping Para Grading Structure which encompasses Grade I, II, III, IV with Grades representative of riders level of disability, with all Grades having their own leagues.

Points are allocated to the British Showjumping Para Equestrian horse/rider combination league at Para competitions held from 1st March - 31st August on a rolling 12 months basis. 
Points…. 1st = 12, 2nd = 10, 3rd = 8, 4th = 6, 5th = 4, 6th = 3.
Double Clear Points = 3.

League winners for all grades will also be acknowledged during the League Presentation Ceremony at the British Showjumping Awards Ball, held in October each year.
NB:  Double points will be awarded at the RDA Championships and the British Showjumping National Championships
ALL Para specific competitions are judged under Club rules but are open to both Club and National registered Para riders -  a rider may only compete in their graded height unless they formally request in writing that they wish to jump up a grade **
**Should a rider request to jump up a grade they must continue to do so for all Para competitions outlined for the remainder of the year

2019 League Listings

Grade III 90cm
Points Rider Horse
103 Toby Bevins Askan Van Overis
88 Laura Goodall Guusje
75 Evie Toombes High Offley Business Centre
45 Toby Bevins Baloe V
13 Sarah Jo Wicks  Avalon Mill
33 Sally Kingsley Gem Twiste
13 Sarah Jo Wicks  Sonics Candischa

Grade III JUNIOR 80cm
Points Rider Horse
102 Flossie England Muckrim Eamonn Ban

Grade II 80cm
Points Rider Horse
174 Yvonne Walton-Davies Bonnie XVII
92 Claire Pope Kinclare Lady
70 Amy Sandford Javito
57 Amy Sandford Hard Yakka
52 Claire Sexton Jem Stone
13 Hannah Davis Get in Teun
Grade II JUNIOR 70cm
No registered riders
Grade I 70cm
Points Rider Horse
96 Karon Bostock Rossini IV
Grade I JUNIOR 60cm
No registered riders
Grade IV 70cm
Points Rider Horse
15 Chloe Chadwick Inosent Flight
Grade IV JUNIOR 60cm 
Points    Rider          Horse       
30 Ronnie Robinson In a world of his own