National Para League Autumn / Winter 2023

The National Para League reflect Silver and Bronze League points gained by registered para riders. Riders competing in the Silver League will take preference over Bronze League riders and is reflected in the list below. 

The grades shown in this league are representative of the riders level of disability from Grade I up to Grade III. For more details on Para showjumping please click here.

The league periods are as follows:
- 1st April - 30th September
- 1st October - 31st March


1st October 2023 - 31st March 2024
Place Points Rider name Horse name Grade
1 22 Deena Webster FAKIR BIVILLAIS Grade 3
2 20 Evie Olivia Toombes NAREMAN O.L Grade 3
3 17 Laura Goodall GUUSJE Grade 2
4 11 Sarah Jo Cumberland MELBOURNE SUM LASS FOR ONE LASS Grade 3
5 8 Toby Bevins BALOE V Grade 2
6= 5 Sarah Jo Cumberland AVALON MILL Grade 3
6= 5 Sally Kingsley FEIRE QUALITY Grade 3