Contribution Award

The Jack Shearn & Jennie Bailey Trophy

For outstanding contribution to the Bristol  & Somerset Area.

HISTORY - Jack Shearn was Jenny Bailey (nee Shearn) dad's, Jack was a judge and ran Marksbury horse show for many years, (which was a big show back then) and a great supporter of both Jenny and British Showjumping.

Jenny Baily (nee Shearn) was very successful whist competing at both juniors and seniors British Showjumping events. She was a judge, Bristol & Somerset Area Representative, Secretary of SWSJC (in its Bicton heyday) and for many years and helped run Marksbury horse show with her father.  Jenny was instrumental in teaching new judges.   She was a brilliant lady if not a bit scary at times!

Jenny started the the trophy back in 1995 in memory of her father who was a great support of show jumping and the Bristol & Somerset Area. Jenny’s name was added in 2003 following her sudden death at the young age of 55. 

The idea behind the trophy was to present it to someone who had contributed to the Bristol & Somerset Area on an annual basis.


1995 - Joan Jarman 2009 - Christine Baker
1996 - June Nuttall 2010 - Sam Pepperall
1997 - Terry Jarman 2011 - Bina Ford
1998 - Audrey Bere 2012 - Keith Sharman
1999 - Marcia Pepperall 2013 - Helen Barber
2000 - Joyce Tripp 2014 - Alison Tutt
2001 - Jennie Bailey 2015 - Paul Dunning
2002 - Mary Hill 2016 - Jane Gregory
2003 - Tony Vaughn France 2017 - Jane Cox (Vosper)
2004 - Roger Pike

2018 - Jayne Smart

2005 - Peter Richards  
2006 - Diz Errington  
2007 - Alison Brown  
2008 - Hester Hunt  

Jane Gregory of Chard Equestrian Centre, receiving the Jack Shearn & Jenny Bailey trophy from John Webb. Photo Courtesy of Rob Bayes Photography

Jane Gregory & John Webb - Photo courtesy of Rob Banes

If you have a recommendation for someone to receive this award, please contact a committee member.