National Development Programme for Coaching Excellence

The National Development Programme for Coaching Excellence is a cross-discipline programme. It is an opportunity to gain an insight into other equestrian sports’ coaching and best practice sharing as well as developing a network of support within the community of practice. As well as the delivered workshops, the programme will also include a range of additional valuable coach development activity and support throughout the duration of the 18-month programme.
 By the end of the programme coaches should be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of high performing coaches working with riders at a recreational level.
  • Use research and case studies from within and outside of equestrian sport to inform coaching practice.
  • Reflect and review their own performance and set personal development plans.
  • Gain expertise that can influence coaching programmes and improve riders’ experience.
Congratulations to the four British Showjumping coaches who have been selected for National Development Programme for Coaching Excellence for 2023-2025:
  • Andrew Walker
  • Gemma Stoate
  • Katy Ford
  • Caroline Connor

What coaches have said about the programme:
“This course has helped me to take care of myself as a person and professional, re-adjust my work-life balance so I am able to give my best to the people I coach.”

“The rapport and support from the group has been an essential part of the learning programme.”

“As a result of this programme I have nurtured my identity and what I want from the future of my coaching career, it has helped me to identify the values true to me that I can now share.”

“I now feel more able to create an environment to help everyone thrive and succeed, positive psychology and a focus on my own skills has enabled me to do this.”

“The diversity of coaches on the programme was really helpful in helping to get a broad perspective on coaching, the time taken out to reflect and consider my future as a coach has been invaluable.”

If you have any questions about the National Development Programme for Coaching Excellence, please contact the Training and Education Team on 02476 698830 or email