5 Star Criteria

5 Star Criteria

Here is a basic outline of what is required at each level of the 5 star performance award;

One Star: 

Throughout the 1 star award you will learn the importance of the Warm up, Good Basic Position, Being able to ride in a straight line, and Lengthening and shortening’s of stride when training and competing. This works on your horse knowledge and management at a basic level. 

Two Star: 

Following progress at 1 star you will still be working on basic good practices and position, including the reasons and significance of Half Halt .
Each Level introduces more demanding, detailed work and goals to aim for over a period of time, in order to improve a more detailed and professional attitude to your work at home.

Three Star: 

3 star steps up a gear, once again you will need to raise your game, begin making plans for the future, 3 star requires a consistent and established jumping seat that is balanced, secure and in harmony with the horse.
Harmony, Rhythm and pace are three key words associated with the 3 star level. These require application of correct aids and effective riding for leg yielding, shoulder-in and shoulder fore. 
At this stage you should be able to ride a 1.10metre course, in balance and maintaining a good forward rhythm. 

Four Star: 

The 4 star is where you as a rider are firmly established in working to a system as a matter of course. 
You should have developed a sense of feel and communication between you and your horse. 
At 4 star you should, with help from your coach, be able to incorporate the following movements into your schooling;

  • Shoulder in
  • Counter Canter
  • Lengthen and shorten your stride
  • Flying Change

In competition you should have the understanding of a good warm up what ever situation you are in, and be able to decide when your horse is physically and mentally ready to begin jumping. 
You should be capable of jumping a course of 1.10metre, with the ability to incorporate dog legs, related distances and combinations. 

Five Star: 

The 5 star is a very high standard of horsemanship and management which can only be attained through hard work and a professional attitude towards long term goal settings for both horse and rider. 
The knowledge you have acquired through the previous 4 levels should make you confident and able to use your own initiative in correcting bad habits on the flat and jumping. 
Underpinning your knowledge of distances, gymnastic exercises, pole work and combinations, related and technical distances in competitions should now be in place.
This should be shown to your accredited coach in order to sign off your award.

Each rider receives a Badge, Certificate and NAF Merchandise for each Star Level they achieve.

Free Membership is also awarded as stated below;

3 Star = 6 Months Free rider membership

4 Star = 6 Months Free rider membership

5 Star = 12 months Free rider membership

Please be aware once each star has been completed you must send the according coupon detailing your completion at your earliest convenience- this is to ensure your free membership is taken progressively. More than one coupon’s free membership cannot be taken at the same time.


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