Officials Regulations

  1. Registration & Appointment
    1. After completing all the necessary training, Officials (Judges / Course Designers / Stewards) are appointed by British Showjumping with their names being published on the website. 
    2. Appointments as British Showjumping Officials are on an annual basis, with the membership period running from 1 January to 31 December each year.
    3. Appointments automatically expire on the 31 December each year, with re-appointments at the discretion of British Showjumping.
    4. All Officials must be paid up members of British Showjumping before officiating and are encouraged to set up a Variable Amount Direct Debit to ensure membership does not lapse.  Any Official whose membership fee has not been received by the 1 March of the current year, will be assumed to no longer wish to be listed as a British Showjumping Official, and will have their Officials Status removed. 
    5. Any Official who has their name removed from the Officials List will not be allowed to Officiate at any British Showjumping Affiliated Competition.
    6. The minimum age for an Official to be appointed is 18 years old.  Officials may start their training in the year in which they turn 18 years of age.
    7. On application to British Showjumping, all Officials over the age of 75 must attend and pass an assessment of competency.  Officials who do not pass this assessment will be offered training and development advice.  A further assessment of competency will be conducted to ensure progression has been made and the Official is of the required standard to be appointed.  A follow up assessment will be required every 2 years after the initial assessment to determine if the Official is still of the required standard to be appointed in their role.
    8. All Officials are subject to appointment and regulation by British Showjumping through the Regulations for the Registration and Control of Officials and the Show Affiliation Process.
    9. In the event that an Official is in breach of these rules or any provision relating to the show affiliation procedure, the Chief Executive may suspend the Official pending an investigation and/or suspend the rights and privileges of membership of the Official pending an investigation.
    10. The Chief Executive may suspend or withdraw the appointment of any Official for the remainder of their appointment to 31 December in the year. Any such Official dissatisfied with the decision of the Chief Executive may request the decision be reviewed by the Board (the Board shall be entitled to refer the request either to a panel of three members of the Board or to the National Sports Committee as the Board considers to be appropriate).
    11. Judges, Course Designers and/or Stewards are appointed for the purpose of officiating at affiliated shows and competitions. British Showjumping accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for such officials arising out of or connected with unaffiliated shows or competitions. Such officials should ensure that they have appropriate liability insurance (in addition to any insurance included within their British Showjumping membership) for any activities arising out of or relating to unaffiliated shows.


  1. Re-Appointment
    1. Any Official whose status has lapsed for a period not exceeding 24 months, may be re-appointed at their previous level on successful completion of an Examination and/or Assessment at the required level.
    2. Any Official whose lapsed status has exceeded 24 months, will be listed as a New Official and required to complete the necessary training.


  1. Officials Code of Conduct & Conduct of Officials
    1. To ensure the Officials act in the most professional manner, British Showjumping require our Officials to comply to the following Code of Conduct at all times whilst representing British Showjumping:
      1. Treat everyone equally and sensitively, regardless of their disability, gender, ethnic origin, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, age or political affiliation
      2. Not tolerate foul, sexist or racist language
      3. Ensure the treatment and welfare of horses/ponies and Members of British Showjumping are at the highest possible standard
      4. Be honest, consistent, objective, impartial and courteous when applying the rules. Officials must resist any possible influence from protests on the part of participants or spectators
      5. Declare any conflict of interests
      6. Officials should be sensitive and understanding to those who may be new to the sport.
      7. Be contactable via email
      8. To remain up to date with rule changes and communication distributed via the official British Showjumping communication channels.
      9. Assist with the development and recruitment of those with less experience officials/new to officiating.
      10. Whilst acting in an officiating capacity at a British Showjumping competition, officials are requested to be of smart attire (no jeans are to be worn; Male Judges - shirt, tie and jacket is expected, Female Judges - Equivalent Clothing). Furthermore officials are asked to be sensitive as to what branded clothing is worn.
      11. Officials are expected to be punctual, and arrive at the show a minimum of 30 minutes before the start of the first class beginning.
      12. Must be fully prepared for the roles they are to undertake with appropriate equipment.
      13. To be familiar with the competition schedule including any special competitions or qualifying competitions and the corresponding rules.
      14. If unable to fulfil an appointment due to exceptional circumstances to ensure show organiser is informed as soon as possible.
      15. No alcohol to be consumed whilst acting in an officiating capacity.
      16. No smoking whilst acting in an official capacity.
      17. Refrain from publicly expressing any criticism of fellow officials
      18. Conduct the competition in accordance with British Showjumping rules.
      19. A positive attitude towards British Showjumping should be maintained when acting in an official capacity.
      20. Appropriate language and respect should be adopted when communicating with all stakeholders as an official
    2. British Showjumping has the power to act at any time in relation to the registration of an Official who has:
      1. Less than proficiently applied the Rules and Regulations of British Showjumping; or
      2. Committed a technical irregularity; or
      3. Wilfully mis-stated his/her age, or, date of birth; or
      4. Been found to have committed an act of Misconduct (as defined in and) pursuant to the Rules of British Showjumping; or
      5. Not acted in the best interests of the Sport; or
      6. Failed to uphold Equine and/or Member Welfare standards; or
      7. Seriously or Repeatedly breached the British Showjumping Officials Code of Conduct; or
      8. Brought British Showjumping or its name or reputation into any form of disrepute; or
      9. Is determined by the Disciplinary Panel or the Chief Executive (using his/her summary powers) to be in breach of any British Showjumping Rule; or
      10. Commits any act of dishonesty or criminal offence; or
      11. Failed to effectively carry out the duties required and expected of a British Showjumping Official; or
      12. Failed to assist British Showjumping Employees or Officials with their duties.
    3. Any breaches of the above could result in British Showjumping reviewing the Status of any British Showjumping Official, which could result a suspension and/or re-classification.


  1. Classification
    1. On the 1 January each year, British Showjumping will classify each Official administered by them.  The classification period runs from 1 Jan in each year, or the date of upgrade appointment, to the following 31 December.
    2. Classification Levels are as follows:
      1. Judges
        1. Writer
        2. Timekeeper
        3. Trainee Judge
        4. Level 1 Judge 
        5. Level 2 Judge 
        6. Level 3 Judge 
      2. Course Designers
        1. Trainee Course Designer
        2. Level 1 Course Designer 
        3. Level 2 Course Designer 
        4. Level 3 Course Designer 
        5. Level 4 Course Designer 
        6. Level 5 Course Designer 
      3. Stewards
        1. Collecting Ring Steward
        2. Trainee Steward
        3. Steward
        4. Stipendiary Steward
    3. Officials moving to the UK from another country must provide proof of their current status from their National Federation.  British Showjumping will determine their classification level once this has been received.
    4. Officials who have successfully passed the necessary criteria and who are listed as International Officials will be classified as such by the International Governing Body on the 1 January each year:
      1. Judges
        1. FEI Level 1 Judge
        2. FEI Level 2 Judge
        3. FEI Level 3 Judge
        4. FEI Level 4 Judge
      2. Course Designers
        1. FEI Level 1 Course Designer
        2. FEI Level 2 Course Designer
        3. FEI Level 3 Course Designer
        4. FEI Level 4 Course Designer
      3. Stewards   
        1. FEI Level 1 Steward
        2. FEI Level 2 Steward
        3. FEI Level 3 Steward


  1. Officials Training & Development Pathway
    1. All Officials are subject to appointment and regulation by British Showjumping through the Regulations for the Registration and Control of Officials and the Show Affiliation Process.
    2. Details of how to become an Official and how to upgrade as an Official can be found within the Officials Training & Development Pathway located in the Officials Section of the British Showjumping website.


  1. Competition Eligibility
    1. All affiliated competitions must be officiated at by Officials listed with British Showjumping. 
    2. Judges
      1. At affiliated Club Shows, at least one registered Judge of any level must adjudicate.
      2. Unless special permission has been obtained from British Showjumping, in every competition held at an affiliated National Show, at least two registered Judges must adjudicate.  One of these two judges may be a Level 1 Judge, however the other judge must be a Level 2 or above Judge.
      3. The show organising committee shall nominate one Level 2 or above Judge to act as Chairman of the Judges for the duration of the show.  The duties of the Chairman of the Judges are to assist and advise the show organising committee on all aspects of Showjumping.
      4. At least one Level 3 Judge is required to judge the following competitions: -
        1. Classes of £1000 or over First Prize
        2. Second Round Classes which qualify for HOYS or RIHS
        3. Direct Qualifier Classes which qualify for HOYS or RIHS
        4. National Finals organised by British Showjumping
      5. Water Jumps
        1. If a water jump is included in the course, a registered Judge of any level must be appointed to judge this obstacle.
        2. In a class that requires a Level 3 Judge, if a water jump is used, a Level 2 or Level 3 Judge must officiate at this obstacle.
      6. Timing
        1. The Timekeeper operating the automatic timing equipment must be registered with British Showjumping as a Judge or Timekeeper.
        2. In a class that requires a Level 3 Judge, either a Timekeeper, Level 2 or Level 3 Judge must operate the timing equipment.
    3. Course Designers
      1. A listed Course Designer must be employed for all affiliated competitions (Rule 34.5)
      2. Course Designers are not allowed to ride in a competition for which they have designed the course.
      3. The Course Designer is responsible for designing the course, supervising the building of the obstacles (including the practice obstacles) and measuring the course.  When the course is ready in all respects he/she must report to the Judge.
      4. It is the responsibility of the Judge to inspect the obstacles and to satisfy himself/herself that the course is in accordance with the conditions of the competitions and has been correctly measured.  The Judges has the sole responsibility for the conduct of the competition and may direct the Course Designer to make any alterations to the course which he/she considers necessary.
    4. A guide of what level of Official is required at each competition can be found in the Officials Section of the British Showjumping website.
    5. British Showjumping reserves the right to appoint a nominated Judge to a show at their discretion.  The judges’ expenses are to be reimbursed by British Showjumping.
    6. Judges are responsible for returning completed results via the App within 48 hours of the end of the show or fully completed results and judging sheets & start lists to the British Showjumping offices within 7 days from the end of the show.