Home Pony shows and competitions are designed for younger riders to gain experience within a team environment.  By gaining experience at this level it is hoped that it will assist in the development of riders that may go on to compete for Great Britain on a Nations Cup or Championship team in the future.

Selection Criteria:
For the full selection policy and criteria please click here. 

Home Pony Teams:
Age-16 years and under (the year in which the riders turns this age)
Teams-128cms, 138cms, 148cms, Debut (148cms) to be ridden by age of rider of the relevant height category.

Home Pony Competitions:

Irish Home Pony (Cavan)
Any rider wishing to compete in Cavan must contact Head Office (performance@britishshowjumping.co.uk) for authorisation prior to the definite entries date. 
ALL riders and ponies authorised to compete at the Irish Home Pony will need to become members of Show Jumping Ireland.
ALL ponies now need to carry a micro-chip and ALL riders must hold their Pony 5 Star part 1 and 2 including the Home Pony additional units.  To visit the Showjuming Ireland website please click here.

Any riders attending the Cavan Home Pony please contact the office for ferry discount. 

Minimum Criteria:
Below is the minimum criteria that combinations at each height are expected to be consistently double clear at:

  • 148cm (16yrs and under):1.20m
  • 138cm (14yrs and under):1.10m
  • 128cm (12yrs and under):1.05m
  • Debut (16yrs and under):1.15m

Code of Conduct
A code of conduct will have to be signed at each Home Pony competition at declaration of entries, if you wish to compete on a team (even if you have been pre-selected).

Please click here to download Home Pony Code of Conduct or it will be available at the Show Secretaries. 

Chef d'Equipes:

  • Scotland- Andrew Wilson
  • England-Mia Palles Clark
  • Wales- Carian Scudamore

Team Kit:
Riders are able to purchase their nations kit from the following website/contacts:

For every selected rider for each Home Pony team (Debut, 128s, 138s and 148s) there is a contribution that has to be paid which goes towards the Chef d'Equipes expenses, the relevant costs are below:
- Irish Home Pony: £50 
- Welsh, Scottish and English Home Pony: £30

To be  kept up to date with all Home Pony information please email performance@britishshowjumping.co.uk with the Riders Name, Pony, Nation and which team. 

Clarification on eligibility of riders for each Nation:

In Home Pony competitions a rider may compete for the Home Pony Team of the country in which:
(a) They were born; or
(b) one parent or grandparent were born; or
(c) They have completed thirty six consecutive months of Residence immediately preceding the time of the competition
*riders can only represent one Nation per year, so once they have competed for Nation they cannot switch in the same year.