The following policies are arranged by SEIB Insurance Brokers Ltd on behalf of British Showjumping with effect from 1 January 2024.  The below information is subject to change upon renewal of the arrangement in January 2025.  Should any significant changes be made information will be available online or by contacting British Showjumping.

SEIB Insurance Brokers Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Registered number: 479477.

This document provides a summary of the cover provided, full policy definitions, terms, exclusions and conditions can be found within the policy wording which is available on request from British Showjumping.
 Significant Changes to cover for 2024 –

Cover is no longer provided for use of a horse drawn vehicle. Use of a horse drawn vehicle is now an excluded equine activity. Please contact SEIB Insurance Brokers Ltd should you have any queries or require more information.

Public and products liability
The £30,000,000 total Public Liability Insurance limit is made up of layers placed with various insurer’s.
The insurance for the primary level of Public Liability at £5,000,000 is underwritten by Markel International Insurance Company Ltd.

The first excess layer cover of £5,000,000 is underwritten by JRP Underwriting, a further excess layer of £5,000,000 underwritten by AXIS Managing Agency Limited, a further excess layer of £5,000,000 underwritten by JRP Underwriting and an excess layer of £10,000,000 underwritten by QBE Casualty Syndicate 386 totaling £30,000,000.
Types of insurance and cover
Public liability cover for accidental third party bodily injury and property damage for any British Showjumping member or show member.

Arising out of your equine activities defined as: use, ownership or control of a Horse and Your direct participation in Equine related activities.
Significant features and benefits
Grooms Indemnity Extension – The cover extends to Indemnify any Horse Groom who is engaged by you for legal liability to pay damages including claimants costs recoverable as a result of Bodily Injury or Damage to Property that occurs whilst undertaking or conducting such work on Your behalf in relation to a Horse belonging to or in the physical care, custody, or control of You. This Extension does not apply to a Professional Groom.

Authorised Users extension – We shall provide indemnity to any person given permission by the Insured to use the Insured’s Horse while used in the presence of the Insured. Providing you do not receive payment for use of the horse and this is on an ad hoc basis - anyone who regularly rides horses should have their own insurance cover.
Significant and unusual exclusions or limitations

  • The first £1,000 of any claim for third party property damage.
This policy does not cover you for:
  • Bodily injury to members of your own family or household, or any employee whilst working for you.
  • Loss of or damage to property belonging to you or in your care, custody or control; or in the care, custody or control of you or your family.
  • Including work as a professional groom or qualified horse instructor.
  • Liability arising out of or incidental to any profession, occupation or business.
  • Punitive, exemplary or multiplied damages.
  • Use of a horse or horse drawn vehicle for hire or reward. 
  • Member to Member Liability
  • Travel to and from events – Applies to Show Members only

Equine excluded activities as stated on the schedule as: stunt riding, scurry driving including timed carriage driving, vaulting, endurance competitions, horseback archery, horse boarding, tent pegging, team chasing, horse swimming, tilting, racing, point to point racing, steeple­chasing or breeding for the express purpose of monetary gain or use of a horse drawn vehicle.
Cancellation Clause
Cover under this Policy is provided as a benefit of You being a Member of the British Showjumping Association and any cover provided by this Policy will automatically cease in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Policy or when Your membership of the British Showjumping Association ceases, whichever occurs first. 
No return of premium will be payable under any circumstances.
Significant Conditions
This is a policy of last resort, that is to say that if at the time of any claim under this insurance there is any other valid insurance which entitles you to an indemnity or would have entitled you to indemnity, if this policy did not exist, then the insurance afforded by this policy will be in excess of and will not contribute with such other insurance.
Significant definitions
Member means a person holding a current and fully paid up full jumping, life, honorary life, non-jumping, official, owner, associate, junior or official administrator membership of The British Showjumping Association and Show Member means a person holding a current and fully paid up registered agent, full visiting, temporary visiting, visiting associate, club or just for schools membership of the British Showjumping Association.
Claims notification
If you need to report an incident, please contact SEIB on 0345 873 4922 between the hours 9am and 5.15pm Monday to Friday. Outside of hours 07747 458 486. Alternatively email It is important that you ensure all statements you make on claim forms and other documents are full and accurate
The insured must not admit liability, as this may invalidate your insurance, offer or agree to settle any claim.
If you wish to log a complaint, please contact SEIB on 01708 780000 or email, and we will immediately inform the relevant insurer.
Cover is subject to the full terms, exceptions and conditions of the policy wording. Please read the insurance documents carefully, and if there is anything in respect of this insurance that you do not understand or disagree with, please contact The British Showjumping Association immediately.

Personal accident insurance
Personal accident insurance is not included within your British Showjumping membership, but is available to purchase directly from SEIB Insurance Brokers.
SEIB’s ‘PA Essential’ policy has been designed for general horse riding, to protect individuals who own a horse or participate in horse riding at a riding school or equestrian centre, and includes cover for showjumping.
For full details and to make an enquiry, please click here.