Home Pony shows and competitions are designed for younger riders to gain experience within a team environment.  By gaining experience at this level it is hoped that it will assist in the development of riders that may go on to compete for Great Britain on a Nations Cup or Championship team in the future.

Selection Criteria:
Please find the selection policy for the 2022 Home Pony competitions here

Home Pony Teams:
Age-16 years and under (the year in which the riders turns this age)
Teams - 128cms, 138cms, 148cms, Debut (148cms) to be ridden by age of rider of the relevant height category.

Home Pony Competitions:
Morris - 14-17th July
England Teams
128cm Results   138cm Results   Debut Results   148cm Results
Wales and West - 27-31st July
England Teams 
128cm Results   138cm Results   Debut Results   148cm Results
South View - 26-30th October 

Minimum Criteria:
Below is the minimum criteria that combinations at each height are expected to be consistently double clear at:

  • 148cm (16yrs and under):1.20m
  • 138cm (14yrs and under):1.05m
  • 128cm (12yrs and under):1.00m
  • Debut (16yrs and under):1.15m

To be considered for the Home Pony Teams please email Performance@britishshowjumping.co.uk to express and interest with your name, the ponies name, and the height and Nation you wish to be considered for.

Code of Conduct
A code of conduct will have to be signed at each Home Pony competition at declaration of entries, if you wish to compete on a team (even if you have been pre-selected).

Please click here to download Home Pony Code of Conduct or it will be available at the Show Secretaries. 

Chef d'Equipes:

  • Scotland- Andrew Wilson
  • England-Mia Palles Clark
  • Wales- Carian Scudamore

Team Kit:
Riders are able to purchase their nations kit from the following website/contacts:

For every selected rider for each Home Pony team (Debut, 128s, 138s and 148s) there is a contribution that has to be paid which goes towards the Chef d'Equipes expenses, the relevant costs are below:
- Welsh, Scottish and English Home Pony: £30

To be  kept up to date with all Home Pony information please email performance@britishshowjumping.co.uk with the Riders Name, Pony, Nation and which team. 

Clarification on eligibility of riders for each Nation:

In Home Pony competitions a rider may compete for the Home Pony Team of the country in which:
(a) They were born; or
(b) one parent or grandparent were born; or
(c) They have completed thirty six consecutive months of Residence immediately preceding the time of the competition
*riders can only represent one Nation per year, so once they have competed for Nation they cannot switch in the same year.