Authorisation FAQs

I have decided which show I would like to compete at, how do I get authorisation to compete?

Once your application to compete (either online or via telephone/e-mail) has been received your name will be added to the list of applicants for that particular show.  This list is then forwarded to the relevant Team Manager where he/she will select/authorise riders to compete at that show.  

It is a rule of the British Showjumping that horses and riders must be authorised to compete abroad and will only be authorised to compete abroad at the level at which they are consistently competing at home. This is usually just a case of “rubber stamping” your application, and a safeguard to ensure that you will not be overfaced by oversized courses when you get to the show.  It may also be worth mentioning at this point that with the exception of young horse classes, all horses competing abroad must be a minimum of a genuine Grade B.

Successful riders will then be notified of their selection/authorisation via e-mail and your entries will be sent to the show's secretary.

I've been authorised to compete at an international show, what do I need to do now?

Once you have received confirmation that you have been authorised to compete at an international show, you must ensure that yourself and your horses are FEI registered before the competition.  The Competitors Licence and FEI Registration is in addition to your British Showjumping Membership/Registration and costs £25 per horse and £205 per rider.  All FEI registrations expire annually on the 31st December.

All registration involves is the completion of a simple form, which are available on this website. You and your horses will then be registered on the FEI Central Database and you will be issued with FEI Registration numbers. Unfortunately, the FEI do not issue registration cards. However you can check your registration status and numbers online, on the FEI website, or by clicking the link on this website.

Horses and riders who turn up at international shows and who are not registered, will be stopped from jumping and automatically disqualified, so it is vitally important that your registrations are up to date before you leave for the show.

Do my horses need FEI Passports?

In addition to FEI Registration, all horses competing abroad will require an FEI Passport. Unfortunately, the passport process is not speedy. Our passports are just a few of the many passports the British Equestrian Federation process for every single discipline, therefore our passports must wait in a queue to be issued/stamped.

Passports must show at least two primary vaccinations (which much be a minimum of 21 days and no more than 92 days apart) and the last vaccination showing in the passport must be on less than seven days before the horse enters the show stabling. Horses competing under FEI Regulations must follow a six-monthly vaccination programme. The owners details must also be completed and signed. Defra regulations require that Section 9 (slaughter section) in all horse passports MUST be completed before a horse is sent out of the UK. This must include a signature by the owner (or their representative) to declare whether or not the horse is intended for human consumption and must be countersigned by the Passport Issuing Authority. It is vitally important that this is done before you leave the UK as non-compliance may lead to a fine of £5,000 or three months imprisonment.

Understandably it is not always possible, but we do ask if riders can please bear this in mind and apply for FEI Passports at least 30 days before you intend to compete at an International Show. Passport applications are dealt with in date order, as they are received in the office.

Please also remember that we do require your horses breeding passport when making your application as it is an offence for any horse/pony to be in possession of more than one passport. FEI Passports are fully compliant with UK Defra Passport regulations.