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Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Date Type Area Show Name
Sat 22nd Nov SENIOR (C2) BUCKINGHAMSHIRE Addington Manor E.C
Sat 22nd Nov JUNIOR & CLUB (J,CL) BERKSHIRE Berkshire College Of Agr
Sat 22nd Nov SENIOR (C2) CHESHIRE S MERSEYSIDE British Showjumping Area 18 Show Cheshire
Sat 22nd Nov SENIOR (C2) LINCOLNSHIRE British Showjumping Area 24 (Lincs)
Sat 22nd Nov SENIOR (C1) SUFFOLK Broads Equestrian Centre
Sat 22nd Nov SENIOR & CLUB (C2,CL) HAMPSHIRE Crofton Manor E C
Sat 22nd Nov JUNIOR (J) KENT Duckhurst Farm
Sat 22nd Nov MIXED (C1,J) NORTH OF SCOTLAND Ellands Farm
Sat 22nd Nov SENIOR (C1) SUSSEX Felbridge Sjc
Sat 22nd Nov MIXED (C1,J) W MIDS & STAFFS Field House
Sat 22nd Nov JUNIOR (J) HEREFORD WORCESTER Gracelands Equ Centre Show
Sat 22nd Nov JUNIOR (J) CAMBRIDGESHIRE Houghton Hall Equestrian Centre
Sat 22nd Nov SENIOR (C1) CENTRAL SCOTLAND Inchcoonans E C
Sat 22nd Nov SENIOR (C1) ESSEX Longwood Equestrian Centre
Sat 22nd Nov SENIOR (C3) SOUTH WEST SCOTLAND Morris Equestrian Centre Ltd
Sat 22nd Nov CLUB (CL) SOUTH WEST SCOTLAND Muirmill Equestrian Centre
Sat 22nd Nov SENIOR (C1) LANCS GTR MANS N MERSEY National Amateur & Veteran Championships
Sat 22nd Nov JUNIOR (J) LANCS GTR MANS N MERSEY Osbaldeston Hall Farm R C
Sat 22nd Nov SENIOR (C2) W M & S GLAMORGAN GWENT Pencoed Jumping Show
Sat 22nd Nov SENIOR (C2) WARWICKSHIRE Solihull Riding Club Show
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