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Northcote (17 ) DATE: 19/07/14
INFORMATION: This show is no longer scheduling the Scope Tiny Tots.

Area Show (14 ) DATE: Saturday 20th September
INFORMATION: To be held indoors at Greenlands Equestrian Centre, Wreay starting at 8.30 with Juniors and Seniors to follow not before 10.30.

Quainton Stud - Bronze & Silver League Qualifiers (39 ) DATE: 13/07/14
INFORMATION: Entries close for the Bronze & Silver League qualifiers has been extended to 5pm this evening. Please contact Quainton Stud immediately to make your entries.

Redpost (50 ) DATE: 27.07.2014
INFORMATION: Redpost have cancelled Juniors on the 27th July. The Senior show will still be going ahead for this date.

Suffolk Area 29 Show (29 ) DATE: 09/08/2014
INFORMATION: Suffolk Area 29 Show to will now be held at Topthorn Arena.

Realocated Equilibrium Products Discovery Second Round DATE: 27/07/2014
INFORMATION: The Equilibrium Products Discovery Second Round cancelled at Area 35 Show will now be held at Area 36 Show (Beacons Equestrian) on Sunday 27th July.

Dufton Show (14 ) DATE: Saturday 30th August

Cockermouth and District Agricultural Show (14 ) DATE: Saturday 2nd August
INFORMATION: Entries close Saturday 26th July

Penrith Agricultural Show (14 ) DATE: Saturday 26th July
INFORMATION: Entries close on Wednesday 16th July

Oxfordshire Area Show - International Stairway (37 ) DATE: 23/08/14
INFORMATION: The Oxfordshire Area Show will schedule an International Stairway Competition on Saturday 23rd August 2014.

British Showjumping Area 42 Wiltshire Show (42 )
INFORMATION: The Junior Academy will now run on the 13th August and not the 20th August 2014.

Cornish Show Jumping Club (51 ) DATE: 09.08.14
INFORMATION: This show will be running just club on this date.

BL Events At Bishopton Livery (12A) DATE: Date Changes
INFORMATION: BL Events have moved their Thursday dates to Wednesday. BL Events will now be running on the 11th June and 23rd July 2014.

Change for Scottish Talent Seeker Qualifier
INFORMATION: The Talent Seeker qualifier due to be held at Ingliston EC on 11th May will now be scheduled at Blair Castle International Horse Trials on 23rd August 2014.

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