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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Pony European Championships Long List 2017:

Alana Clutterbuck  Sultan du Barry
Ellie Hall Macateer Tixylix
Faye Sutton Robe Ruadh
Ffion Roberts Rich Faith
Fraser Reed Jiminy Cricket
Madison Jamison Bodyssee des Avelines
Hannah Barker Amman Valley Santino
Lily Freeman Attwood Valmy de Treille
Sienna Charles Magic Cornflakes 
Tahnia Jordan Jones Beechcomber

The main aim is to choose the individuals and provide the preparation that will achieve the best possible results for Great Britain at the FEI Pony European Championships and CSIOP competitions. In addition, talented combinations will be identified and, wherever possible, given the opportunities too progress particularly through competing internationally.

The specific aims of the Selection Policy are:  To build a team capable of achieving a medal at the FEI Pony European Championships.
The Selectors will be responsible for all selection.Viewing trials will be held within the UK of which all prospective combinations are expected to enter. Following the viewing trials combinations will be selected of which teams for Opglabbeek (BEL) 11th-14th May and Wierden (NED) 7th-11th June will be selected. From these events the final combinations will be selected for the Pony European Championships in Kaposvar (HUN) 25th-30th July 2017. 
The Pony Selection Policy is worked out in agreement and consultation with the British Showjumping International Committee.

Eligibility/Availability for Consideration 
All riders must be 16 years and under riding 148cm JA ponies and hold British Citizenship.
(A Pony rider is only eligible to ride ponies until the end of the year in which they reach 16 years of age).

Selection Criteria Individuals/Team/Team Championship/Order 
The Selectors will select from any of the riders and ponies who have fulfilled the selection criteria. Advice from the Team Vet will be sought where necessary.  The Chef d’Equipe will decide the Team running order and individual riders and will inform riders and owners accordingly.

As part of the selection process the advice of the FEI accredited Team Veterinary Surgeon will be taken into consideration.  There may be an official inspection which all ponies must attend and where a blood test may be taken.  If a pony is based abroad, then an inspection will be arranged at the riders’ expense.

All possible ponies attending trials, and available for selection will be unofficially measured to meet the FEI criteria of 151cm with shoes on day of competition. 

Modifications/Exceptional Circumstances 
The right is reserved that, in exceptional circumstances such as injury or illness, the Selection Policy can be waived or modified in order to enhance the likelihood of achieving the stated goals.  This will be done by the Selectors in advance of an event and the Chef d’Equipe at the event as is practicable.

Entries/Invitation to National Trials when held/Competitions 
Any rider and/or pony is open for selection as long as they are fulfilling the criteria in the Selection Policy, and are allowed to participate in any trials and competitions providing they  are qualified under the competitions’ rules.


Selection Timetable 

Dates for selection and announcement of the Team will vary from year to year, depending on what time of year the Championships are being held, but will be announced as early as possible each year and all parties concerned will be informed.

Expression of interests for teams need to be submitted to British Showjumping by 31st March 2017.

Shows to be used as viewing trials:

Weston Lawns: 30th April-1st May 2017

Arena UK: 6th-7th May 2017

Bolesworth: 14th-18th June 2017 

South View: 30th June-1st July 2017 

Nations Cups:

Opglabbeek (BEL) 11th-14th May

Wierden (NED) 7th-11th June

European Championships:

Kaposvar (HUN) 25th-30th July 2017

Changes in Policy 

The Chairman of the International Committee, will have the right to amend or change selection policies, where necessary, at any time in order to fulfil the objectives of the Selection Policy.

It is presumed that the weather conditions have been considered in the selection process.  However, should there be a drastic change for some reason, there might be cause for alterations to be made to the squad.

Force Majeure 
If, for some reason beyond the NGB’s control, e.g. collapse of funding, disease outbreak in horses or humans, war or terrorism, unavailability of suitable ponies and/or riders the British Showjumping Executive Board might make the decision either to change the selection policy or procedure, which might include withdrawing the British Team.

Selectors are entitled, within this selection procedure, to use their discretion to select combinations onto teams.


The Selection Policy is available

Points of Contact 
The key points of contact relating to this Selection Policy are :
• International Committee
• Performance Team – British Showjumping

Riders have the right to complain against the decision of the Selectors.  Complaints must be in writing within 48 hours of the announcements and must be sent to the British Show Jumping Chief Executive.  If the Chief Executive is not able to satisfy the appellant’s concerns the complaint will be forwarded to the BEF


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