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Show Notices:
14/02/19 18:47 Urgent information PLEASE NOTE A valid passport must accompany all horses/ponies to all competitions and be shown to the secretary before unloading.
Flu vaccinations are mandatory for all registered horses and ponies and they
must be in possession of a valid flu vaccination certificate. It is the owner's
responsibility to ensure that the horse's vaccinations are up to date and
correctly recorded on the diagrammatic vaccination record. Spot checks will
be regularly carried out at shows. The horse/pony must have received two
injections for primary vaccination against equine influenza given no less than
21 days and no more than 92 days apart. Only these two injections need to have
been given before a horse/pony can compete in competitions. In addition, a
first booster injection must be given no less than 150 days and no more than
215 days after the second injection of the primary vaccination. Subsequently,
booster injections must be given at intervals of not more than one year apart.
More Information:
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No. Start Time Class Start Ht. Table Rule Speed Prize Fund (£) Entry Fee Pre-Entry Fee
1 09:30 Pony Intro 75cm Open 801933 75cm Single Phase 325mpm 25/20/15/15/15 £15.00
2a - Pony British Novice First Round 801934 80cm Single Phase 410 325mpm 25/20/15/15/15 £15.00
2b Pony Intro 80cm Open 801935 80cm Single Phase 25/20/15/15/15
3a - Pony Discovery First Round 801936 90cm Single Phase 408 325mpm 25/20/15/15/15/15 £15.00
3b Pony Intro 90cm Open 801937 90cm Single Phase 25/20/15/15/15/15
4a - Blue Chip Pony Newcomers - First Round 801938 1.00m Single Phase 406 325mpm 30/25/20/17/17 £17.00
4b Pony 1.00m Open (inc. Pony Restricted Rider 1.00m Qualifier) 801939 1.00m Single Phase 416 30/25/20/17/17
5 - Voltaire Design Pony Coral Winter Championship Qualifier 801940 1.10m Table A7 404 325mpm 35/25/20/18/18/18 £18.00
6 - Junior 1.10m Open (inc Pony Restricted Rider 1.10m Qualifier) 801941 1.10m Single Phase 417 325mpm 40/35/25/20/18 £18.00
7a - Blue Chip Sparkle JC Handicap 801942 1.15m Table A7 284 325mpm 40/30/25/20/20 £20.00
7b Blue Chip Pro Sparkle JA Handicap 801943 1.20m Table A7 284 40/30/25/20/20