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Saturday, April 21, 2018

National Development Programme for Coaching Excellence

National Development Programme for Coaching Excellence 2017/18

Aimed at coaches who sustain and grow participation in equestrian sports

The National Development Programme for Coaching Excellence is aimed at coaches working with adult and young people who participate in equestrian sport for competitive recreation motives. Coaches wanting to join this programme will be ambitious in improving their own performance and will already have success in getting more people participating in equestrian sport and retaining them in the sport by creating enjoyable coaching environments. This is a cross discipline programme involving; British Showjumping, British Dressage, British Eventing.

Aims of the programme:

  • To recognise the importance of  high performing coaches working with riders at grass roots  level
  • To use research and case studies from within and outside of equestrian sport to inform coaching practice at grass roots level
  • To support coaches to reflect and review their own performance and set personal development plans
  • To develop coaches with expertise to influence coaching programmes that improve rider’s experiences

What the programme will involve:

  • A 12 month programme with eight contact days
  • A mix of seminar and practical workshops
  • A group of up to 20 coaches to be involved from across a range of equestrian disciplines.
  • The cost for the programme is £500 to be paid in two installments
  • All places will be allocated following an interview process.

Programme Content:

The programme content will be guided by the wants and needs of the coaches involved. However the following is a flavour of the type of content this programme can deliver:

  • Use of video apps to support learning and plan coaching programmes
  • Motivation and positive behaviour change; the role of the coach in the grass-roots environment
  • Identifying coaching excellence; theory to practice
  • Performing under pressure, emotional resilience and mental toughness
  • Building self awareness in the coach; self-reflection and video analysis of own coaching
  • Developing a deeper understanding of personal values and philosophy relevant to the grass roots environment
  • Managing parents/ entourage/groups
  • Different coaching skills required for child and adult environments
  • Course building and understanding the use of fences to support development (show jumping and eventing specific)
  • Practical coaching sessions with  mentor coaches looking at developing individuals and effective group management (involvement of a team based, high performing coach or outstanding teacher)
  • Bespoke discipline specific practical sessions.
  • Input from a highly regarded ‘participation’ coach from another sport

While there is a spine to the learning programme coaches will be encouraged to shape the programme of delivery to fit with specific needs of the group.

This is a certificated programme of learning externally endorsed.

Who should apply?

  • Any coach who wants to improve their own performance and is particularly interested in supporting recreational competitors.
  • Coaches should already hold a UKCC level 3 qualification (or equivalent)
  • Coaches who already demonstrate a degree of the high performing criteria listed below.

What coaches have said about the programme:

I would encourage every level 3 coach to apply for this course if they want to keep improving as a coach. I have found this course so amazing from the inspirational speakers we've had and have found some like minded coaches to continue to train with. Everything was out of my comfort zone and I would urge the next group to be brave enough to try different things. This course has confirmed to me how you can improve and be a great coach at all levels. It's made me enjoy coaching my grassroots riders more and has given me more tools in my toolbox to help them and myself in new, exciting and challenging situations. (Teresa Edmonds, Dressage coach)

Selected Coaches 2017/2018:

Rowena Ockendon Day - British Showjumping

Jemma Whitlam - British Showjumping

Jenny Mitchinson - British Showjumping

Victoria Baker - British Showjumping

Amanda Routledge - British Showjumping

Claire Read - British Showjumping

Adam Smythe - British Dressage

Kim Ratcliffe - British Dressage

Leanne Wall - British Dressage

Sarah Kingswell - British Dressage

Jane Critchley - British Dressage

Amelia Morris Paye - Pony Club

Fran Bird - British Eventing

Clare Chamberlayne - British Eventing

Sam Champney-Warrener - Britsh Eventing

Tracy Garside - British Eventing

How to apply:

For further information on how to apply please contact the Sport Team department on











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