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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Forces Equine





British Showjumping is working in partnership with Forces Equine to deliver a Forces Equine Showjumping league

Anyone who is a member of Forces Equine and is not a member of British Showjumping will receive 5 Tickets to Ride. Riders that use their tickets by May 2017 will be included on the Forces Equine League on the British Showjumping website.  


Along with competing, there will also be opportunities for members of Forces Equine to gain experience with course designing and judging. 


Due to Forces Equine being a registered Riding Club, members will qualify for the British Showjumping Riding Club membership package, so members can then also benefit from the opportunities offered by British Showjumping.

The 2016/2017 Leagues being run for Forces Equine are:

FE Novitius 90cm

Place Rider Horse Points
1 FIELD Edward  Abberley Rose 55
2 FIELD William  Rock on Rocara 53
3 FIELD Edward  Jessy Wonder 45
4 FIELD William  Sprite II 42
5 RENWICK Debra Jimmy Jazz 24
6 SHARPE Jennifer  Lawford Rockstar 16
7 BAILEY Chelsey  ADMS Albers Summer 15
7 THORPE Emma Treliver Dashley 15
7 HASTINGS Jenna  Ballyneety Roller 15
10 FIELD William  Koningshoek Mistique 13
11 SHARPE Jennifer  Classic Frosties Maccoy 11
12 MATTHEWS Graeme Sweet Touch II 10
13 WILSON Joanne Leo 8
14 HARDY Julia  Hey Boy 6
15 FIELD Edward  Rock on Rocara 3


FE Inventionis 1.00m 

Place Rider Horse Points
1 FIELD William  Sprite ll 88
2 FIELD William  Konigshock Mistique 76
3 FIELD William  Rock on Rocara 34
4 WINTER Freya  Chloe IV 17
5 BAILEY Chelsey  ADMS Albers Summer 13
6 FIELD William  Abberley Rose 6
6 MATTHEWS Graeme  Sweet Touch II 6
8 MATTHEWS Graeme  Clonemore Olympic 4
9 HASTINGS Jenna  Ballyneety Roller 1
10 HANDLEY Dawn Doir 0

FE Avenis 1.10m

Place Rider Horse Points Points
1 WINTER Freya  Chloe IV 73
2 FIELD William  Sprit ll 49
3 FIELD William  Koningshoek Mistique 29


FE Vulpes 1.20m     

Place Rider Horse Points Points
1 WINTER Freya Chloe IV 53


FE Ultimo 1.30m+

Place Rider Horse Points Points
1 HARDY Julia Jizebelle Van Doude Bosh 26



The Leagues will run from July to June each year with the league results being updated at the end of each month.  

(Leagues up to date to the 08/09/2017)




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