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No. Class
1 Club - Senior 70cm
1a Club - Junior 70cm
2 Schools 70cm League Class
3 Club - Senior 80cm
3a Club - Junior 80cm
4 Schools 80cm League Class
5 Club - Senior 90cm
5a Club - Junior 90cm
6 Schools 90cm League Class
7 Club - Senior 1.00m
7a Club - Junior 1.00m
8 Schools 1.00m League Class
SUNDAY 04 MAR 2018
No. Class
1 Pony Intro 70cm Open
2 Pony British Novice First Round
2a Pony Intro 80cm Open
3 Pony Discovery First Round
3a Pony Intro 90cm Open
4 Pony Newcomers First Round (Inc, The Pony Resticted Rider 1.00m Qualifier)
4a 1.00m Open (inc. Pony Restricted Rider 1.00m Qualifier)
5 Pony Foxhunter First Round (Inc. The Pony Restricted Rider 1.10m Qualifier)
5a Pony Restricted Rider 1.10m Qualifier
6 British Showjumping Pony National 1.15m Members Cup - First Round