Give & Win: Sport Lottery


Welcome to the British Showjumping Give & Win Lottery, which offers weekly cash prizes including an amazing £25,000 jackpot!

Did you know that when you play our lottery, provided by established lottery providers Capen, you will have the chance of winning prizes from £10 all the way up to £25,000!? But the best thing is that British Showjumping will receive 50p from every £1 ticket purchased which, in turn will be reinvested back into the sport and the junior academy network within your region. So it’s not only a potential win for you it’s a definite win for our sport and also your region!

Purchasing an online ticket is so easy......

Just follow the link below and click on 'Play Now'. You will then be automatically sent your ticket number(s) by email. The draw takes place every Saturday and successful ticket holders will be notified via email. 

It's as simple as that!!


Bitly link:

We have already had a couple of winners with just a few tickets having been sold…you can read about this on your designated regional page which also gives more detail on the lottery and how to play.

What have you got to lose? Give it a go today........