Young Horse Championships

For all your information on Young Horse competitions and advisory levels of competition:

The height of the respective Championship classes are based on the age classes across Europe which are in relation to a horses physical development for each age so as not to ask too much too early.

There are currently two Championships for Young Horses in Great Britain: Where to compete your horse before the Championships:
Throughout the year there are specific Young Horse shows where the courses will be built for the development of the respective age horse, please click here and search for 'Young Horse' to see the available shows.

Please see below a guide to the height for each age but be mindful this will vary depending on your horse’s experience:
  • 4 year old: up to 1.10m
  • 5 year old: up to 1.20m
  • 6 year old: up to 1:30m
  • 7 year old: up to 1.35m
Which Championship to aim for:
You don’t need to aim your young horse at every Championship but tailor the development to which Championship will best progress your horse.
If your horse has been progressing successfully and is more experienced you may want to aim for the Young Horse World Breeding Championships in Lanakan, therefore you will need to compete at the British Young Horse Championships to qualify.

How to qualify for the Championships:
The age finals at the British Showjumping National Championships, 6-11 August 2019:
Open entry
  • 4 yrs (style and performance): 1.05m-1.10m
  • 5 year old: 1.20m
  • 6 year old (Big Star): 1.30m
  • 7 year old: Incorporated within the Talent Seekers final at Horse of the Year Show. (Qualify from April-September the highest placed 7yr old in the top 4 in a Talent Seekers qualifier and the top 2 from the 7 year old final at the British Young Horse Championships.)
The British Young Horse Championships at Bolesworth, 14-18 August 2019:
Open entry
(horses that have achieved a double clear in the respective height prior to the entries deadline will take priority except for 4 year olds)
  • 4 yrs (style and performance): 1.05-1.10m
  • 5 year old: 1.20m
  • 6 year old: 1.30m
  • 7 year old: 1.35m (top 2 qualify for the Talent Seekers inc 7 yr old final at HOYS)
WBFSH World Breeding Jumping Championships, 19-22 September 2019:
British Bred: four horses to qualify from the 5, 6 and 7 year old finals
Non-British Bred: Wildcards will be awarded to the top 4 in the above finals as long as the studbook is part of the WBFSH.
(Lanakan will confirm the number of wildcards they can accept following the definite entries date, so all horses offered a wildcard may not be selected by the organisers)
  •  5 year old: 1.25m-1.30m
  • 6 year old: 1.35m
  • 7 year old: 1.40m-1.45m

The world Championships are run under international rules so all horses will need to register with FEI to compete.
Non-British bred places cannot be substituted with British bred horses if a horse can no longer take their place.  

British Bred - A horse that holds a British based breed studbook
Non-British Bred - Includes British Breeds without British based studbooks

FEI Rules, Article 254:

Event Minimum age
Horses entered for Olympic Games, World Championships and FEI World Cup™ Finals Nine years of age.
Horses entered in Continental Championships, Regional Games and Regional Championships. Eight years of age.
Exception: If obstacles don’t exceed 1.40m horses can be seven years of age.
Horses entered for CSIO3*–5*Events, CSI3*–5* Events and all FEI World Cup™ Events except the FEI World Cup™ Final. Seven years of age.
Horses entered for CSIO1* and CSI1*- 2* Events Six years of age.
Horses entered for CSIO2* Events at which the Nations Cup Competition is built to the dimensions set forth in JRs Art. 264.3 for 2* Six years of age.
(height not exceeding 1.35m)
Horses entered in CSIO2* Events at which the Nations Cup Competition is built to the dimensions set forth in JRs Art. 264.3 for 3*. Seven years of age.
(height not exceeding 1.45m)