Equestrian Coaching Certificate in Showjumping / UKCC

Are you looking to improve your Coaching? Are you instructing without any formal qualifications?
Then the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) may be for you!

The Equestrian Coaching Certificate in Showjumping is the new future of coaching, this has been brought into over 30 sports to improve the quality of coaching across the UK to provide and build safe and effective coaching systems for participants in all sports.


"Completing my UKCC level 2 exam through British Showjumping has to be one of the best things I have ever done. The training and support we received was excellent - I learnt so much."   

(Judith Barker, UKCC BS Level 2 Coach)


We currently run Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications:

Level 2 
The Level 2 is a showjumping specific qualification.
It is a four day course, based over two months, and a further assessment day 6-8 weeks from your final workshop day. As part of the course you will need to complete a portfolio which involves coaching a rider of your choice, for four linked sessions. This needs to be completed before your assessment day, ready to submit to the awarding body. You have to achieve the Level 2 before applying for the Level 3 Show Jumping Specific. 

The course is a foundation to work towards Level 3 Show Jumping specific certificate.

Costs - Level 2 

Registration Fee £80
Four consecutive workshop days at £120 per day. 
Assessment day £300


Level 3 Show Jumping Specific

The Level 3 ShowJumping specific is the next qualification after the Level 2. Level is 3 is highly intense and involves a sufficient level of technical knowledge and experience.

Before going forward for Level 3 everyone will have to go through the pre-screening enrolment which has been put in place to ensure you are aware of the technical knowledge that is required for the training.
The qualification is to ensure the coach is able to plan and prepare riders over a season’s competition.

The technical syllabus will require a coach to take a rider and horse to 1.20m level, including working the horse and rider correctly on the flat through to the competitive environment. The coaching skills expected at Level 3 are more refined and are based on learning, psychological and skill acquisition theories.

Coaches applying for Level 3 showjumping specific should have considerable coaching experience and a good background in the sport as a competitor or coach/trainer/instructor. The Level 3 course comprises of eight days of training spread throughout the year with several practical assessments. A portfolio of evidence based on a number of tasks must be submitted before final assessment.

Costs - Level 3

Registration Fee £80
Eight consecutive workshop days at £120 per day 
Assessment day £300


As part of the Equestrian Coaching Certificates, at both Level 2 and Level 3, you are required to be a registered British Showjumping member, have a current First Aid certificate which must be HSE First Aid at work, BHS First Aid at work or equivalent. You are also required to have attended a Safeguarding Children workshop run by the British Horse Society, the Pony Club or Sports Coach UK. You are able to attend your course's workshop days without these certificates in place, however they must be in place before your practical assessment day.

To apply for a place on a course, you will need to complete an application form and return to the Sport Team at British Showjumping.

To see when and where dates of courses are being held please click here.