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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

International Stairway League



supported by the British Showjumping Business Partnership


1.             Entry Qualification:

Horses in Grade A to be ridden by Adult, Associate or Junior Members. This competition may not be restricted to invited riders or limited to less than 40 riders. Visiting members who are resident in this country may compete and will be eligible for points. To ensure consistency, competitors must be using the correct tack, as listed in the FEI Rule Book. FEI anti doping regulations will apply.

2.             Table A9 Two Round Competiton


The best five scores, or, all clear rounds, will go forward to the second round, which will be against the clock. In the event of equality, faults and time will decide ie. the fastest four faulters will qualify.  All scores in the first round will be carried forward to the second round. Competitors in the second round will start in reverse order of merit or the slowest four faulter will go first, the fastest clear last.  If necessary, those who did not reach the second round, faults and time in the first round will determine their placings.

If a competitor withdraws from the second round he/she will not be replaced and he/she will receive the placing from the first round, however he/she will be placed after those who compete in the second round.
At least five prizes to be awarded.

3.             Speed

400 metres per minute


4.             Course

First Round Height
Fences 1-7   Verticals      1.50m approx
                    Parallels      1.45m approx
To include one Triple Combination within the first seven fences

Second Round
Minimum of 9 Fences - All raised in height and width from the first round. May include a raised Combination.


5.             Total prize Fund. £7,500


1st 2,500; 2nd 1750; 3rd 1,250; 4th 950; 5th 500; 6th 300; 7th 150; 8th £100


Entry fee £85.00


6.             Course Designer – Advanced.


7.             Qualifies for: League Points


8.             League Points Allocation

A points system will be awarded based on the following system. Points will be awarded to horse/rider combinations placed 8th = or higher on the following scale;


1st            12 points

2nd           9 points

3rd            8 points

4th            7 points

5th            6 points

6th            5 points

7th            4 points

8th            3 points


Horse/rider combinations placed equal will share equally the total points attributable to the combined placings (for example, four riders placed 4th equal receive 7 + 6 + 5 + 4 divided by 4 = 5.5 points each).

In the event of equality of League Points at the end of the series, the highest placed competitor on equal points in the International Stairway League Final (British Showjumping National Championships, National Agricultural & Exhibition Centre) will be the winner of the League.  The winner of the International Stairway League must be a starter in the International Stairway League Final.  In addition the winner of the International Stairway League Final will be crowned the British Showjumping National Champion for a twelve month period.
There will be 3 HOYS Wildcards allocated after the International Stairway League Final. The allocation of Wild Cards (N.B Wild Cards will only be awarded to riders currently eligible to compete on a Great Britain Showjumping Team) will be made in the following order of preference -:

1. To the winner of the International Stairway League (must have started in the Stairway League Final)
2. To the winner of the International Stairway League Final
3. To the winner of the National Championship  Show League

Should the winner of any of the above not be eligible to compete on a Great Britain Showjumping Team or have already qualified for HOYS via an International invitation, the Wildcard will go down the line to the next eligible rider on the respective league, or placing if in the International Stairway League Final.


9.             Prize Fund 50% funded by the British Showjumping Business Partnership


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