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Monday, September 15, 2014

Questions & Answers

Questions submitted for the 2013 AGM


Drawn Orders for Amateur Second Rounds – show centres not adhering to the rules:

British Showjumping do check that competitions are run in accordance to the rules and if something is not run correctly we encourage competitors to talk to the Officials to rectify the problem at the time of competition and advise our Shows team accordingly.


Prize money for Amateurs……Why is it restricted?

Prize money is awarded in ratio to the height of the competition, encouraging competitors to naturally progress through the heights.  Higher Prize money leads to higher entry fees which from feedback previously received was not desired by this group of members.  It is permitted for Shows  to pay out up to £200 first prize  in Amateur Finals which are held over multiple day schedules with two qualifying competitions leading to a final.


Why Change Amateur Class heights?

The feedback from the membership was that they were looking for classes of a height in between our National classes to provide a stepping stone structure.  The 1.15m class was dropped due to falling numbers supporting the competitions; however, we are looking at the group of members who jump at the 1.15m – 1.30m level to see what we can do to encourage this group of members.


Why should the same horse/rider combination be allowed to qualify in both 90cms and 1.10m for this year’s Amateur Finals?

We allow this to encourage members to progress in the current Amateur Structure.


Amateur Second Round Geographical Locations – Considerable distance to travel.

The National Sport Committee reviews the number and locations of qualifiers and the number of riders to qualify for the final on a regular basis.


Consistency with Course Building – Consistency please? 

Officials check dimensions so that they conform appropriately to the rules of the classes.  Any concerns should be reported to the officials on the day of competition.


Rider Restrictions for Amateur Classes – why are they now virtually open to all?

There has been no change to the eligibility in the last few years but is currently under review.


Rider Ranking List:  Why do we have to adopt FEI regulations for domestic rankings?

What has recently been reported in the press was not accurate; British Showjumping will still be running a national ranking list.


HOYS 1.20 Amateur Classic:  Why is it called an Amateur Classic where in fact there are competitors who produce horses for a living?

This class is currently under review.


Why is training for Non Members Subsidised?

Training for non-members is not subsidised by British Showjumping.  External funding is available for training programmes which in turn can steer non-members to join British Showjumping.


Please could you inform what the number of Club Members were in 2012?



Could British Showjumping establish a Junior Amateur series similar to the seniors?

Any suggestions should be submitted in writing to the Pony Working Group who will look at the feasibility of such a series.


Winning for upgrading horses:  The system is flawed in that horses can win £5000 and still be Grade B.

How ranking is done in future will be changed to a points based ranking instead of money.  These changes will come into force in April 2014 and members will be informed in advance.


As members why do we not have a say in new rulings even if they would be stream rolled in anyway?

Members now have more communication paths than ever.  The Members Council is a member elected group with four representatives from 8 regions that are in place to bring members suggestions and opinions forward for review.  This group meets three times a year.  Alternatively the Development Officers are also available to discuss any matters and give direction.


Can the printing on the membership and registration cards be larger?

This will be looked at.


I asked if it would be possible to combine British Novice and an Amateur 90cms or Open etc. progressing through the heights.  This seems to have been interpreted as lowering the Amateur heights to fit in between the British Novice, Discovery Classes.

There were many suggestions received on categorisation which were looked at by the Members Council and the National Sport Committee for implementation in April 2014.


With regards to the National Amateur and Veterans Final, could the Grand Prix finals not be changed to Table A10 / A8?

This suggestion will be put forward for consideration.


Would it be possible to hold the Amateur Finals in the summer?

We are continually reviewing all Championships and Series and this will be considered and taken on board.


Is it true that some Board members want Amateur classes to run with no prize money being given?

No:  This has not been discussed by the Board.


Why do multi-ring shows not have to pay a starter fee for every ring?

The current fee structure for shows has been maintained since 2006.  Category changes are being implemented from April 2014 and once the new system has had tome to settle we will be reviewing the fee structure.

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