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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Gold League Championships


The Gold league will be the only league reflecting rankings on a National level and only members that have been placed or have jumped  five double clears in a class of 1.35m will be eligible for inclusion.Results at 1.40m+ will automatically place you in the Gold League for three years/six consecutive league periods. Five results at 1.35m within a league period move into the Gold League for three years/six consecutive league periods.

The Gold League will reflect placings or double clears achieved at all classes of 1.35m in National and International Shows hosted within England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The Points System
The Gold league will commence on the 1st April 2014 and will roll on a monthly basis from this date forward and will reflect points accrued at a Horse/Rider Combination level only.

Points will be allocated based on 1st round heights. Points will be awarded to all placings based on a 1:5 ratio, in accordance with rule 76.5.  All riders being placed in 7th position or more will receive the same points as those allocated to 6th place. 

Placing                     1.35m                       1.40m                      1.45m                    1.50m+

1st                           35 points                40 points                   45 points                   50 points 
2nd                          24 points                32 points                   32 points                   40 points
3rd                           18 points                24 points                   24 points                   30 points
4th                           12 points                16 points                   16 points                   25 points
5th                              9 points               12 points                   12 points                  20 points
6th                              6 points                 8 points                    8 points                   10 points
Double Clears            15 points                25 points                  30 points                   50 points

Classes ran within 2* 3* and 4* International Shows hosted in the United Kingdom will be awarded 1.5 x points .  

In a three round competition horse/rider combinations must jump clear in all rounds of the competition to gain the ‘clear’ jumping points.

The two highest placed riders, whom are eligible for British Team selection, on the Gold league list` in the period of 1st April  - 31st July in the current calendar year will be invited to compete at HOYS.  Should the rider already have qualified, the invitation will be extended down the line.  The invitations to HOYS from 2016 will be extended as follows:

7 x  Highest placed British riders on the FEI Ranking List
2 x  Highest placed British riders on the Gold League
3 x  International Wild Cards for Horse of the Year Show will give competitors, who are eligible for British Team Selection, three possible ways of securing them.   By either:

a) Being the International Stairway League Winner (or highest placed eligible rider) on the League who has also competed in the Final.

b) By winning (or being the highest placed eligible rider) in the International Stairway League Final.  The winner of the Final will also be crowned British Showjumping National Champion for a 12 month period.

c) By winning (or being the highest placed eligible rider) on the National  Championship Show  League . This League table will be Rider based and will consist of three competition legs including and culminating with the International Stairway League Final.

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