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Sunday, December 21, 2014

General FAQs

I have just affiliated, where do i start?
If you've just got your membership and registration numbers through you should have also recieved your welcome pack which will include a Rules and Year Book. You can use this to view which classes you and your horse or pony are eligible to compete in.

The basic rules are designed to allow novice horses and riders to compete against other novice horses and riders. The four National classes that many people begin to use when they first join have prize money limits which refers to the amount of winnings that your horse or pony has previously won. For example, British Novice classes start at 90cm for Senior and 80cm for Juniors. You can only compete in a British Novice class if your horse or pony has Notional winnings of £99 or less. The next 3 classes increase in height and the prize money limits also increase.
How do i renew my membership or registration?
You can either return your renewal to us when you recieve your reminders in the post or alternatively you can call the office during the week to renew over the phone with a credit or debit card. We also accept renewals via fax (02476 696685).
You can now also renew online by using the 'Membership Online' facility. Once you have logged in you can view your membership and any horses and renew using our online secure card payment facility.
How do i get a print out or check a horses winnings?
If you are looking to view a horses  winnings record and are a current member you can view this in " BS Horse Search" free of charge.

If you are a non member or your membership has expired you can still purchase any record on line at a cost of £11 per record, or call the membership department to purchase it from the office (cost will vary depending on how the record is dispatched).
I have just renewed my membership online but it wont let me renew my horse registration?

If your membership has lasped you will need to log into the membership online and renew your membership, proceed to the payment page and complete the transaction. Then you can return to your account and select the horse you wish to renew and follow the same procedure. These two renewals have to be done as two seperate transactions, it wont allow you to renew your horse on the same transaction if your membership is also due.

How do I know where the shows are near me?
There are no limitations as to where you can compete or which area you compete in. All show centres are split into areas to make it easier to see which shows are near to you. Once you have seen which area you come under you will be able to view the shows and classes that are taking place and can even contact the show centres directly if you have any queries about the schedules and classes.
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What does it mean to get four double clears?
National classes (British Novice, Discovery, Newcomers, Foxhunter) for both senior and juniors have First Rounds, Second Rounds and Finals. To qualify for a Second Round, four double clears must be achieved within the qualifying dates and whilst the horse/pony is within the Notional prize money limit. With this achieved Second Rounds can be entered and depending on the class the top combinations will qualify for either Horse of the Year Show or the Scope Festival of Show Jumping.
How do I log onto the website?
On the membership page you will see the 'Membership Online' box. You can log in if you already have your log in details set up. Otherwise click on the 'how to register' option. This will give you the option to register you details by putting in your membership number and clicking 'register'. As long as you have let us know your email address, once you click register a password is sent to your email address. If you need to add or amend your email address simply contact the office and we can amend it immediately. Once you have your password go back to this page and enter your number and password and you will be logged in!
What if my email address has changed?
Simply contact the Membership Department on 02476 698800  and we can update it immediately.
What if I forget my password?
Use the login icon and select 'forgot password'. Your password will be sent directly to your email address.
What is the point of having Actual Winnings and Points on horse records?

Points are designed to allow horses and riders to remain in Novice classes for longer. If all Actual money was graded, horses would jump out of classes much quicker, too quick for the development of a horse and/or rider.

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What are the Point limits and 1st round cut off dates for each of the National Classes, British Novice, Discovery, Newcomers and Foxhunter?
Junior Competitions Entry Qualifications Height First Round cut off dates
British Novice Not to exceed 150 0.80m 1st May – 30th Apr
Discovery Not to exceed 300 0.90m 1st May – 30th Apr
Newcomers Not to exceed 500 1.00m 1st May – 30th Apr
Foxhunter Not to exceed 700 1.10m 1st May – 30th Apr



Senior Competitions Entry Qualifications Height First Round cut off dates
British Novice Not to exceed 125 0.90m 1st May – 30th Apr
Discovery Not to exceed 225 1.00m 1st May – 30th Apr
Newcomers Not to exceed 375 1.10m 1st June – 31st May
Foxhunter Not to exceed 700 1.20m 1st June – 31st May



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