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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fees & How To Join/Renew


STEP 1 - Joining a Member

  • Download and print off a Membership Application form pdf for each new member.
  • Have a look at our Categories page to discover which membership category you want.
  • If you are 16 years or under you also need a parent or guardian to join with you (as a Non Jumping member)
  • Check to see if you can join and save money using one of our New Member Discounts
  • Do you need to send any of these documents along with your membership form?
    • PHOTOCOPY of a Riding Club or Pony Club membership card* if you are  taking adavntage of one of these offers.
    • PHOTOCOPY of your birth certificate (If you joining as a JUNIOR RIDER or an ASSOCIATE)

* If you were not issued a Pony Club or Riding Club membership card we can accept confirmation on letter headed paper from your District Commissioner, confirming you are a current Pony Club or Riding Club member.


STEP 2 - Joining your horse or pony

  • Are you joining a horse (no height restriction upper or lower) or a pony (must be 148cms or below)?
    • JUNIOR RIDER - can compete registered ponies in Pony classes AND/or registered horses in Senior classes.
    • ASSOCIATES - can only ride registered horses in Senior classes.
    • FULL JUMPING - as Associate members.
  • Download a  New Horse or Pony Registration Form  for each new horse or pony. This form can also be used if you have a horse or pony that has been previously registered with British Showjumping and you now wish to register it under your ownership.
  • Ensure you complete all the details, especially the MANDATORY fields, as registrations cannot be processed without this information.
  • Ensure you have included all the relevant documents with your application form;
    • We need to see identification for each new horse or pony you are registering.
    • You need to check that the identification that you are sending has a markings page that has been completed by a vet and clearly shows a vet signature and surgery stamp on that page.
    • If your markings page has only been completed by the breeder or owner please send a different form of ID (Vetting certificates or FLU/TET cards often have markings that have been completed by a vet)
    • We suggest that when sending original documents you use a recorded delivery service, if you include an extra £8.20 on top of your fees we will ensure your documents are also returned to you recorded delivery.

If you have any questions or queries about joining or any other membership matter please don't hesitate to contact our Membership Department who will be happy to help.

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