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Monday, February 19, 2018

General FAQs

How do I get an FEI Passport?

You will need to send in the National Passport for your horse/pony together with a completed FEI Passport Application form found on this website.

How do I know if my National Passport is correct?
The description page pf the horse/pony National Passport must have been drawn and written complete with the vet signature, vet stamp and the date and the place where the description was completed.

Vaccinations pre 2005 should include  two primaries no less than 21 or more than 92 days apart and an annual booster, thereafter running concurrently.

Post 2005 there should again be two primaries (as above) and a third booster within 6 months and 21 days of the second primary, thereafter running concurrently.

If you have had to re-start vaccinations, the two primaries must be in the National Passport before it is sent to the office to upgrade to an FEI Passport.
Do I need an FEI Passport to compete at an International show in this country?
You and your horse can compete up to 2* level in this country with just your National horse passport and FEI Horse and Rider Registrations, however you must ensure your horse vaccinations comply with FEI Rules, i.e. the competition must be within the six monthly vaccination span, please also be aware of the seven day rule, if in doubt always contact the International Team . Your horse will need an FEI Passport for 3* and above to compete at International shows in this country.
How do I renew an FEI Passport that has expired?
Send in your FEI Passport to the International Office, ensuring first that all vaccinations are up to date, enclose it with an FEI Passport Application form, circle the revalidation amount and enclose the relevant payment by cheque or by completing the credit card details, if you have a direct debit you may also pay by this method.
Where can I find a list of shows abroad that I can apply to compete at?

A comprehensive list of international shows can be found by clicking on 'International Calendar' on the menu on the left.

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Where can I download international show schedules?
Schedules for international shows can be found on the relevant show's website, please click on 'International Calendar' on the menu on the left, which will take you to direct links to the individual show websites where you will be able to download the schedule.
I have some international shows in mind that I would like to compete at. What do I do next?

You can apply for shows via this website, just visit the 'International Calendar' page and click on the 'Apply?' button adjacent to the show you are interested in and complete the required information.  Alternatively please contact the International Office by telephone 02476 698807 or e-mail

Where can I download a copy of the FEI Regulations?

 You may find it useful to have a look through the FEI Regulations before you compete at the show, these are the set of rules you will compete under. They are available to download from the FEI website.

Where can I download a copy of the British Equestrian Federation Rule Book?

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) Rulebook is available to download on their website. It is important that you read and familiarise yourself with this Rule Book as it contains up to date anti-doping information.

When I arrive at the show, does my horse need to pass a veterinary inspection in order to compete?

 Yes, the trot up is one of the most important days at an international show. It is very important that your horse is presented correctly and that you know how to trot it up. At some of the shows the team vet will check your horse prior to the F.E.I. vet check. Please have your horse available for him when asked. The following notes are only a guideline.

  • Make sure you are aware of the trot up time and where it is being held.
  • Make sure your horse is walked in hand prior to the trot up to loosen it up.
  • You will need your FEI passport with you. This should have been checked at home to make sure your vaccinations are correct. If in doubt contact the International office well in advance of leaving home. Should anything go wrong with this you will not be allowed to jump and will be fined by the FEI.
  • Your horse should be well groomed and you should be tidy. This includes correct footwear (riding boots or jodhpur boots), team jackets where appropriate, team t shirts if appropriate and work jodhpurs.
  • Your horse should have a bridle on, a lead chain that is long enough and its number if these have been issued. Please make sure you have a rug for your horse as you may have to wait.
  • Your horse should be practiced at a trot up. It should walk and trot easily in hand and make sure you always turn the horse away from you. Walk for 3-4 steps away from the vet. Then trot, however pull up to walk prior to turning the horse around, pushing him away from you. When straight trot in a lively step back to the vet.
  • Once the vet is happy with the horses trot he will keep your passport. You will collect this at the end of the show when the vet has signed any relevant health papers that might be needed for your return journey.
  • At all times when your horse leaves the stable it must have its number on so it can be identified.
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