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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Horse and Rider Feature on Surrey based UKCC Level 3 Coach - Christine!

Thursday 20 October 2011

Horse and Rider Feature on Surrey based UKCC Level 3 Coach - Christine!

British Showjumping Approved UKCC Level III Showjumping Coach,

Christine Shubrook is featured in the November issue of national

riding magazine Horse & Rider.

The article ‘Soar With Confidence’, written by Kelly McCarthy-Maine,

covers one of the clinics that Christine runs at her yard in Surrey.

Each clinic has a different focus. The featured clinic was titled ‘Let’s

Get Going’ and is for young horses, horses returning to work or

riders returning to jumping.

Christine uses her Showjump coaching skills and her NLP Practitioner

training to grow the rider’s belief in themselves and their skills which in

turn brings confidence.

Christine says “I like the clinic format as it gives the riders some quality

time with their horse and a chance to look at some techniques in more

detail. The riders have time to ask questions through the clinic and

absorb the information”

Here are some pictures of the day, and some comments on the clinic &


“It was a pleasure to watch Christine take a group of riders through

exercises on the flat and over poles to build their showjumping technique

and confidence. By day two, riders were able to apply what they learned

progressively in the school to conquer a course of showjumps in a grass

arena. Goal setting and mental rehearsal sessions are great additions to

traditional clinics and riders left inspired, with homework and a plan on

how to reach their goals.”

Kelly McCarthy-Maine.

It’s a really comprehensive feature and the various steps in the training

which ended with the competition day tips was clear and simple for people

to follow and motivate them to do more jumping. I also thought the way

you built up from doing the pole work around ‘the course’ and teaching

them how to ride in between the fences was really informative and an area

which is not gone into in that much detail in the horse magazines articles

that I read previously.

Alison Thomson

To find out more buy November Horse & Rider! Details of other clinics run by Christine are on the web site

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