National Team Jumping

Maximum of 3 Teams per Area, only one team per area may qualify.

All teams must have 4 individual members.

Teams can attend as many qualifiers as they wish but once one Team
 in the Area has qualified, no further Teams for that Area may qualify. If 1st & 2nd Place are won by the same Area in the same Team qualifier the second qualifying place will pass down.
Areas are permitted to change their Team Members for the qualfiiers, but
the qualifying Team should be the Team representing the Area for the Final. Riders may
only be a member of one Team in any one qualifying competition.
The fourth member of the Team is the Team Captain.
Horse's Rider must reside within the Area in which they are representing.
Qualifiers to be held in May, June, or July, with a final at the British Showjumping National Championships.

There will be no parade at the regional team qualifiers unless otherwise stated by the individual show centre.

Team Rules
This competition is run over Two Rounds under Table A

Teams to consist of :- Four horses.  The 90cms and 1.00m horse must be, at the start of the qualifier registered as a Grade C.
The 1.10m and 1.15m  horse can be registered any grade.


Horse Nos.                                   Rider Restriction                                             Fence Height
  1   (Grade C)          excluding Riders on the Gold League and Horse/rider                   90cms

                             combinations on the silver League as at 31st March 2018


  2   (Grade C)          excluding Riders on the Gold League and Horse/rider                      1.00m

                             combinations on the silver League as at 31st March 2018


 3    (Any Grade)      excluding Riders on the Gold League as at 31st March 2018            1.10m


  4   (Any Grade)      excluding Riders on the Gold League as at 31st March 2018            1.15m

Riders who have ever competed as a team member of any Senior International Team, (4* or 5* Nations Cup in the last 10 years, World, European Championships and Olympic Games are not eligible) Pony Riders, Children, Juniors and Young Riders who have ever competed in Nations Cup/ International Team Events and European Championships in the last five years(Including Veterans Teams) are also not eligible.

In the event of a tie for first place, there will be a jump off. Teams equal first will elect either the 1.10m or 1.15m rider, who will jump the 1.20m jump off track against the clock. Lower placings, if required, will be determined by faults and the total time in the second round of the three scoring riders. 
Prize Fund (Not Gradable) - Minimum First Prize £200
1st £200  2nd £120  3rd £100  4th £80  5th £60 6th £40
Prizes will be awarded on the following ratio
1-3 Teams 1st Prize only             4-5 Teams 1st and 2nd Prizes
6-7 Teams 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prizes   8+ Teams all Prizes

If sponsored, then all prizes must be paid.
Maximum Entry Fee £150 per team.

Substitution Rules:
In the Final one horse may be substituted if deemed unfit to compete (Veterinary Certificate must be obtained.) The rider of the unfit horse has the first option of finding a suitable substitution. Otherwise horse/rider combination can be substituted. One other horse/rider substitution will be permitted providing permission is obtained from the original qualifying person.