Members Council

2019 Members Council

Matt Millin (Northern)
John Jacks (East)
Sarah Whitford (East Midlands)
Elizabeth Ogle (West Midlands)
Jean Banks (South East)
Vacant (South West)
Kaz McCoy (Scotland)
Rebecca Hawkins (Wales)  

Vacant (Northern)
Mia Palles-Clark (East)
Vacant (East Midlands)
Hannah Jackson (West Midlands)
Claire Read (South East)
Danny Dunne (South West)
Vacant (Scotland)
Vacant (Wales)

Show Organisers
Janice Mewse (Northern)
Daniel Kehler (East)
Piers Warmoth (East Midlands)
Vanessa Marmont (West Midlands)
John Bedford (South East)
Jane Gregory (South West)
Craig Blackie (Scotland)
Vacant (Wales)

Other Members
Donna Wood (Northern)
Katrina Moore (East)
Richard Seals (East Midlands)
Di Fairclough (West Midlands)
Caroline Blatchford (South East)
Katie Smith (South West)
Shaun Sands (Scotland)
Amanda Carpenter (Wales)

Date of next meeting:
16th October 2019

Members Council notes from previous meetings held during the past twelve months are linked below: 
 October 2018  January 2019  March 2019